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Bufferfish is the lab software tool developed in collaboration with real scientists like you.
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How Bufferfish can help you

Calculate molarities for buffer solutions, protein parameters from multiple sequences at a time or convert units (mM to mg/ml, etc.).

Thanks to artificial intelligence analyzing your gels will just take a few clicks. Edit your results any time without the need to open the original file.

Visualize and label your chromatograms fast and easy. Take them to a more professional level for presentations and reports.

Who are we

Hi! We’re Wiris. We love Science, therefore ever since we started in 2000, we devoted ourselves for developing tools for content creation in STEM. We are helping thousands of scientists and teachers around the world to fulfill their mission by providing them with global solutions for Math and Science.

We develop tools for easy creation and editing of math equations and chemistry formulas and also for handwriting recognition. Our products are integrated into leading LMS and word processors which makes them easily available for users independently on the platform or system they are using.

Right now we’re developing our new product: Bufferfish. It is a lab software tool for scientists working in the laboratories in the field of Chemistry and Biology. The purpose of Bufferfish is to help life scientists to prepare their experiments and to communicate their results by providing technology for easy laboratory calculations, results analysis, visualization, and sharing.

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